An Amazing Opportunity


An Amazing Opportunity


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Sunstate Property Compliance (SPC) is a long-established, highly credible business, in an industry with guaranteed growth that is rarely seen when buying a business.

A simple, non-trade based business that services several thousand rental properties who must comply with smoke detection legislation.

SPC enjoys lucrative profits, is conveniently home based and current owners only work 30 hours each p/w…making this the ultimate lifestyle business and it's based right here on the Sunshine Coast.

From January 2017, a ten year, phased rollout will see smoke alarm legislation transforming the industry and make Queenslanders the most fire safe in the nation.

From January 2022, an average 4 bedroom home with 1 smoke detector, will be required to have 5 or 6 detectors installed…depending on the layout. Further changes benefiting this business and the industry will be implemented from 2027.

With tens of thousands of rental properties effected, compliance for this legislation has already started and will continue to build. SPC will continue to benefit as all these newly installed units must be tested annually, or, when tenants relocate.

Assisted by an administration lady and a testing technician (both loyal & long term) and an electrical contractor, the current owner's roles are admin/coordination and basic checking of alarms/replacing batteries where required.

This is a business that could easily be operated under management if desired. It would also make a perfect "bolt on" business for a diverse range of existing service style businesses looking to expand.

Now is the perfect time to acquire SPC and gear up for the boom times ahead. If you are genuine buyers and ready to take on an amazing business with endless growth possibilities…enquire now.

$449,000. SOLD

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