Foodworks – 20 mins to CBD


Foodworks – 20 mins to CBD


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This Foodworks is situated in a premium location just moments from the Centenary Highway and nestled in close to Jamboree Heights and Riverhills on the West side of Brisbane, just 20 minutes from the CBD.

At the time this business was set up, there was no expense spared in the fit-out which cost around $500,000 just 2 years ago!

Due to COVID 19, the figures are now showing a marked improvement and this business is getting new customers each day!!

If you are looking to purchase a convenience store, whether it be 7 Eleven, IGA, Friendly Grocer or any of the others then you need to look at this first for value.

The setup includes fully functioning and licensed commercial kitchen including a brand new UNOX oven (originally purchased for $13,500).

It’s possible to really build the food side of the business up to include fresh roast chicken, fresh bread and “home baked” pies and goodies and anything else you can imagine.

There is also an impressive coffee machine that does great takeaway coffee for just $1.

Also included are the best in display units and refrigeration, a new computer and POS system originally purchased for $22,000 and cigarette counters. There was also forward planning to allow for a Gold Lotto Facility!

If you are looking for huge income potential, an ability to get in and improve the business and be part of this excellent industry then don’t delay.

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