Lifestyle Businesses

Lifestyle Businesses

Lifestyle Businesses

I am pleased to report that business sales on the Sunshine Coast are currently strong and financial institutions are finally happy to lend money to business buyers. With record low interest rates and the Coast booming it’s certainly a fantastic time to invest!

There’s no shortage of educated buyers that are focused on the style of business/industry they’re prepared to invest in. It’s no surprise that “Lifestyle Businesses” continue to be in big demand on the Coast. This term is often the first pre-requisite we hear from buyers as understandably locals come here to enjoy life and the Coasts attractions - not to slave away in business for 80 hours per week.

People often scoff at the term “Lifestyle Business”, suggesting they don’t exist, or, assuming the term equates to owners spending all day drinking Pina Colada’s on the beach whilst the business runs itself.

Buyers are smarter than this and are aware that without their involvement, the risk of failing increases. Buyers always have choices, so naturally they will favour the business that suits their family and lifestyle the most. They will look for management only roles or wholesale, distribution, manufacturing, service providing, internet or home based businesses.

Often these are flexible, 5 days per week, well established, profitable, not specialised and they will have long term senior staff in place - providing owners relaxed working hours.

So, Lifestyle Businesses do actually exist and we have sold hundreds of them over the years. Are all lifestyle businesses beaches and cocktails? Certainly not, however, if you’re looking to maximise your enjoyment while having the freedom and security that comes with knowing you have full control of your life, then a lifestyle business may be exactly what you need.

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