Profile on Bernadene Ey

About Bernadene

Having spent several years overseas as the owner of a successful clothing company exporting internationally, Bernadene honed her skills in the most challenging of environments. Negotiating the best deal for her clients is now in her DNA.

Her above average enthusiasm and drive allow her to overcome challenges (that often come up when selling a business), with an ease and professionalism, where others would run.

Her professional success is built on the strong values and habits she learnt as a “Country Girl” raised in Western Queensland. She is as hardworking as a Kelpie, as honest as a rain gauge and as resilient as the desert grasses. For you as a seller, this means she will do everything humanely possible to maximise your result!

Bernadene has a great love of people which has been added to by her professional studies in Psychology. She understands people, their motivations, and how they tick and these are highly valuable skills to have as a Business Broker.

In her spare time she loves to travel the globe to places that inspire her and is an unashamed foodie with a passion for healthy cuisine.

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