Be your own boss!

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Be your own boss!

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Be your own boss! 1290 image 3
Be your own boss! 1290 image 3
Be your own boss! 1290 image 3


  • $295,000 + SAV
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  • For Sale
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    • Mobile Services


Tired of making money for someone else? Make great money sleeping at home every night working four hours per day.

Transition seamlessly into being your own boss with your own simple to operate, highly regarded independent home service business.

Let’s break it down, what’s to like:
• Only 5 days per week
• Home based – no rent
• Completely independent
• Small efficient team in place
• All tools and equipment
• All training provided
• No licence required
• Established 12 years
• $160,000 earnings to a part time owner
• Higher earnings if you want to work full time

This is a service that every house and office in Australia could use, your client base, of existing and potential is huge and because of its easy-to-learn process, delivering immediately visible results, there is high job satisfaction and consistently happy clients.

Make money from day one and hit the ground running with all required equipment, training and several weeks forward bookings. This is possibly the best opportunity for anyone to transition into your own business

If you are ready to get off the treadmill and be your own boss, call Mat Crause on 0428 666 559 for more information

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