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Frequently Asked Questions

We recommend all owners have their business prepared for sale even though they may not be considering a sale. Unfortunately numerous business owners have to sell unexpectantly due to illness or reasons unforeseen. This scenario will have a serious impact on the sale price if they are not prepared, so be mindful as you never know what is around the corner.

The best result will only be achievable if the seller is transparent with the information that they provide the broker and the buyer. Even the smaller transactions have to withstand rigorous due diligence investigations, if anomalies are found buyers will run, or alternately, they will expect a price reduction.

Some industries sell better at certain times of the year, depending on when they experience their busy and quiet time. We find buyers like to purchase in the lead up to the busy times and for a large percentage of the businesses we sell this is in the lead up to Spring. This gives them the warmer months, Christmas and Easter periods to get a good kick start to their new venture.

To maximise the price an owner achieves for the sale of their business they need to plan ahead with a good exit strategy.


A good exit strategy will ensure the business is attractive to the market and will fine tune key areas. Below are some examples;


  • Financial statements are clean and up to date
  • A good lease is in place with tenure
  • No major investments are required (fitouts or new equipment)
  • Franchise or license agreements have tenure
  • Supply agreements are solid
  • Key staff are well trained and in place
  • Stock is current and at the correct level

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