Massive Stock Shortage

Massive Stock Shortage

Massive Stock Shortage

January 2023 - Happy New Year to all our contacts, past and future clients. How exciting it is to head into a new year, we wish you all success and happiness.

The drought of quality business opportunities for sale has continued almost a month into the 2023 calendar year, despite a very crowded and cashed up buyers’ market.

If you know anyone that is considering retirement, or simply change from business ownership, do them a huge favour and let them know how advantageous the market currently is, as we are at the very top of the selling cycle.

The Savvy Team are managing approx. 20% of their normal stock levels, yet we are receiving more buyer enquires per day than when we are running at 100% stock capacity.

Savvy Principal Rod Russell has seen the full cycle twice before in his 28 years of business sales. Rod says when the cycle does change, everyone will know about it as there will be an oversupply of businesses come to the market, which typically drives values down.

When the buyer demand dries up it always becomes harder to sell a business, this causes prices to retract and the “days on market” to blow out.

Business owners should always be prepared to sell, as no one can predict what could and often does happen, be it a global crisis like the GFC or Covid, or owner/family illness, key staff leaving, supply and sales contracts not being renewed, major competitors taking market share, or just in the common case that the business owners simply lose interest and business starts going backwards.

We offer business owners an obligation free appraisal and considering this crazy market is so one sided, the value of your business may well exceed your expectations.

Call the Savvy Team today on 5444 3300 for a confidential chat.

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