Preparing to Sell

Preparing to Sell

Preparing to Sell

May 2023 - 

As we fast approach the end of the financial year, business owners who are considering retirement and selling up are urged to pre plan with their accountant, to ensure they capitalise on the abundance of buyers currently searching for great businesses.

Clinical preparation is crucial to achieving a premium, and engaging a professional business broker to assist in the sales process normally results in a better sale price, cleaner terms, and the best suited buyer.

Buyers are attracted to businesses that offer flexibility and they will pay a premium for businesses that have key staff in place, so they have flexibility and can work on the business…rather than in it.

So, if contemplating selling, your business will be more appealing to the market if you can make yourself redundant. Letting go is hard, however, if your business can afford to pay a wage for someone to do your role, you will enjoy it much more and likely attract a better sales result.

Everything you need to know when selling with savvy.

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