Red Hot Start to 2024!⚡️

Red Hot Start to 2024!⚡️

Red Hot Start to 2024!⚡️

One month into the New Year and we are off to a busy start!

In 2023, it became evident that there was a surplus of buyers actively pursuing opportunities to acquire businesses on the Sunshine Coast.

With an outstanding 85% success rate among the businesses listed in 2023 already sold, and a combined value exceeding a staggering $25 million, a massive 65%+ were from referrals.

Having the knowledge and experience of over 30 years, we are strategic and selective and only list high quality businesses. When you list and sell with Savvy Business, we are committed to doing everything possible to get you the very best results possible for your business;

- We are exclusively reserved for businesses in which we have strong confidence that they will sell for our appraised price.

- We price businesses accurately based on facts and market conditions (We refuse to hi-ball for listings!)

- We ensure complete transparency in all transactions involving all parties.

- Our communication is our highest priority. You will be well-informed about all developments.

- And to find the most suitable buyers at the best price and terms possible, with the ultimate aim of achieving a hassle-free settlement.

If you want your business appraised and to appear on our sold list like many others, call today to have your business appraised on 07 5444 3300

Everything you need to know when selling with savvy.

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