The New Custodians

The New Custodians

The New Custodians

If you live in or around the Noosa area, chances are you have been to Phil’s Tile Warehouse.

Phil & his wife Barbara founded Phil’s Tile Warehouse in 2008 and they successfully built and have now sold their highly reputable business, so that they can enjoy their long-awaited retirement.

New owners Scott Christensen and Phoebe King-Christensen are long-time Noosa locals and are no strangers to the local construction Industry. They have been the masterminds behind many extensions, new builds and renovations in the Noosa Shire over the last 12 years and they have built their reputation as the go-to builders of complex designs that are not your run-of-the-mill projects.

As the new custodians of Phil’s Tile Warehouse, Scott & Phoebe are using their experience in the building industry and their knowledge of interior design to help supply Noosa locals with the products that they need to build their dream homes. “We will run this business the same way Phil & Barb have for all these years” said Scott, “We have no intention of changing a thing”.

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