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SOLD - First Class

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SOLD - Seldom do such profitable businesses come to the Sunshine Coast market.

The long-term owners of this high-profile venture enjoy mega profits of $1.5 million FY2023 after all expenses…including management wages.

These enormous returns offer new owners a first-class lifestyle with unlimited benefits, which are rarely available in Coast businesses.

Included is the security of a dealer agreement with an international brand (a household name!), who supply a diverse range of market leading products, perfectly complementing the area they service.

You will not find anything else currently on the market that can compare with this money-making machine, which is offering a “return on investment” of 32%.

With almost 30 years successful trading history, this low-risk opportunity is clearly in a class of its own and will appeal to the astute investor.

Genuine buyers with the financial capacity to fund this should call Rod Russell on 0409 931 600 to learn more.

$4,645,000 including stock.

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